bonny's beasts

crocheted creatures

I started crocheting animals after my niece sent me a picture of a crocheted giraffe. I immediately wanted to make one. After working through other peoples’ patterns, I began to design my own. I love to pick out the colors for a new beast; as you can tell, I have not only been bitten by color, but swallowed whole. Color makes me very happy!

My creatures are crocheted from soft acrylic yarn and filled with polyester fiberfill. They have black safety eyes which are child- and baby-safe. The beasts are machine washable in cold water and can be tumble-dried. Each beast is created from my original design and has its own color scheme and patterns. The arms, legs, tails, heads, etc. are all double-sewn for extra strength. They are sturdy, soft, squishable and huggable! They are lovable companions and play well with others. They make wonderful gifts for children, baby showers, and adults with a good sense of whimsy.

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